The T Mind method is a unique way for personal development and life balancing.

Although many elements of The T Mind method have some things in common with other personal development strategies like Psycho Cybernetics, NLP, The Silva Method or other methods, which are all very useful in their own right. The T Mind method is unique on a few fundamental fronts.

Structure of Relationships is a simple yet profound understanding and method of life balancing. When we understand the unique contribution we can make in the place we work and live and the means by which we can understand the relationships we have with others , then we can better balance our life and responsibilities.

Centered Alignment is a technique which allows us to align ourselves with our goals whilst still keeping them in perspective to the rest of our lives. Problems occur in the life of many people when they are no longer able to apply the correct value to the current goal(s) or activity. This is something that even the best entrepreneurs miss at their expense when (intra and inter personal) relationships shatter under the pressure and stress of work and life.

Eclectic Conditioning can teach us how to keep our mind open to developments in other fields and research the methods that are best for ourselves as unique individuals. Each of us holds a number of abilities which can be brought to the fore in order to become our own personal development specialists.

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